Yogi Klos- Smokin' The Strings

Yogi Klos- Smokin' The Strings

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Where do you start in introducing a connoisseur of Fiddle Music? Yogi Klos is not a stranger in the entertainment world. Entertaining thousands upon thousand of people through out Canada and the United States, Yogi has been featured in groups such as “Mickey & Bunny”, “The D-Drifters” and his very own group “Yogi & Friends”. His electrifying stage performance has amazed not only fellow musicians but also audiences young and old.

Yogi who started classical training at a very young age developed a unique style that would find him fiddling everything from Breakdowns, Jigs, Reels, Polkas, Waltz’s, Kolomeykas, Bluegrass, and even Pink Floyd.


1. Kolomeyka
2. Life In The Finland Woods
3. Haywire
4. Big John McNeil
5. Orange Blossom Special
6. Maple Sugar
7. Rose Of San Antoine
8. Soldier’s Joy
9. Tennessee Waltz
10. Turkey In The Straw

Instrumentation: Yogi Klos – First & Second Fiddle, Glen Demski – Guitar, Bass & Programming, Todd Talbot - Drums