I Love Egging - Deluxe Pysanky Kit

I Love Egging - Deluxe Pysanky Kit

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The "I Love Egging Pysanky Kit" from Ukrainian EggCessories gives you the tools to explore 13 different colour dyes and play around with different thicknesses of wax lines with three different tipped traditional candle kistky, along with enough wax to make a dozen eggs.  If you love to experiment and explore variations with your pysanky, then the "I Love Egging" will be a worthwhile investment.  

Here is everything you need to tackle the most intricate designs!


  • stainless steel tipped fine, medium & heavy kistka (wax stylus)
  • 13-colour dye kit
  • 2x pure black beeswax (22g)
  • Pysanky Party instruction manual
  • complimentary cleaning wire