Eggcitement Starts Here - Student Pysanky Kit

Eggcitement Starts Here - Student Pysanky Kit

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Instructors... this is a wonderful kit to offer all your students in your upcoming pysanky classes.  Your students will thank-you because their "Eggcitement Starts Here" kit will be what keeps them coming back.  They'll be chanting your name while leaving your workshop with the pysanky they just finished as well as some pysanky supplies to call their own.  

I'm sure you've experienced when your students don't want to give up their prized kistky and now they don't have to.

Spread The Joy by picking up this "Eggcitement Starts Here" - Student Pysanky Kit


  • stainless steel tipped MediumX kistka (wax stylus)
  • pure black beeswax - 22g
  • "Pysanky Party" instructional manual

Comes with a complementary cleaning wire.