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ZABAVA-ZABAVA - Ukrainian Oldtimers

Ukrainian Party Music | Ukrainian Dance Music

Long gone are the days of the Old Fashion Socials, Dances and Midnite Frolics. Today it’s very common to have smaller parties with a music man providing the music or friends bringing their own personal collection. Perhaps the most difficult factor is when you request a tune and no one can find the appropriate CD. Well the “Ukrainian Old Timers” have come to the rescue! This 14th volume is jam packed with “2” of this and “2” of that and sometimes “More” of this and “Less” of that. But it is toe-tappin down to earth Good Dance Music.

1. Zabava - Zabava
2. Ukrainian Wedding Polka
3. Al's Polka
4. Kobasaw Polka
5. Helena Waltz
6. Mother Told Me Polka
7. Porkchops Polka
8. Weeping Willow Tree Foxtrot
9. Little Brown Jug Foxtrot
10. Ukrainski Fest Polka
11. Heel N Toe Polka
12. Bihlaw Maaytih Waltz
13. Poshtar Polka
14. Rodger's Polka
15. Peek A Boo Waltz
16. Ukrainian Bugs Bunny Hop
17. The Kolomeyka
18. Old lady Kolomeyka
19. 25th Anninversary Waltz
20. The Wedding Butterfly
Instrumentation and Vocals: Lorne Zayshley - Violin, Nester Shydlowsky –Accordion/Vocals, Ted Paley - Drums/Vocals, Linda Shydlowsky – Bass Guitar, Cymbaly/Vocals, Bill Scherbatiuk - Electric Guitar, Saxophone/Vocals