Poprawyny<br>Ukrainain Oldtimers

2nd Day Ukrainian Wedding

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This is the day when a three wedding winds down. Everyone rejoices , checks out the huge array of wedding presents, eats , drinks , dances, and then bids farewell to each other. The bride and groom open all their wedding gifts and celebration rolls into an event equal to none. The musicians start playing music, people sing along and then the dancing begins usually at a hall or outside on the farmyard. Whether there’s a dance floor or not, the guests dance on the grass.

1. Vitayemo Polka
2. Hey Hoie Vihselaw
3. Willies Wedding Polka
4. Ukrainiski Holopsey
5. Rozlooka
6. Kozakka Polubih law
7. My Creation Polka
8. E shoomit, E Hoodit
9. Kozak
10. Old Grandpa’s Polka
11. Poprawyny Kolomeyka
12. Oie Peed Hi Yeem
13. Farmyard Butterfly
14. Oie Oie
15. Traditional Mnohiya Lyeeta
16. Poprawyny Polka