Ukrainian Hits 3<br>Various Artists

24 Golden Ukrainian Hits 3 Various Artists

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The many dances, house parties, and weddings that took place across the Prairie Provinces leave us with countless memories.
If you are of Ukrainian descent you’ll enjoy these authentic interpretations of familiar songs, and tunes performed to perfection. Even if you are not Ukrainian it’s certain you’ll enjoy these beautiful and haunting melodies flawlessly performed by these recognized entertainers.
Just like volume 1 and volume 2 this third volume will bring you many hours of listening and dancing pleasure.

1. Olivia’s Polka
2. Wedding Presentation
3. Sweetheart Waltz
4. Temnay Lees
5. Mom’s Waltz
6. Harry Don’t go to the Prairies
7. Ko Bossa A Nova
8. Gammlee’s Waltz
9. Jim’s Bunny Hop
10. This side of the mountain
11. Ukrainian Medley
12. Traditional Ukrainiain Wedding March
13. The kohoot song
14. Blue Ribbon Schottische
15. Sundown Polka
16. Gusting winds
17. In the cornfield
18. Blooming countryside
19. Old tyme mazurka
20. Walking by your window
21. Kolomeyka
22. Oie oie oie
23. susidka
24. kolomeyka