18 Great Instrumentals<br>Interlake Polka Kings

18 Great Instrumentals Interlake Polka Kings

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1. Smokey Lake Polka
2. Haymakers polka
3. Hopalong Polka
4. Foothills Waltz
5. Holub Polka
6. Fisherman Polka
7. Habitant Polka
8. Harbour Schottische
9. Summer Time Polka
10. Mike’s Wedding March
11. Monoplo Polka
12. Karen’s Polka
13. Rosluka Waltz
14. Camrose Polka
15. Dauphin Polka
16. Powitota kolomayka
17. Old Port Butterfly
18. Manitoba Kolomayka
Thousands of fans have danced to their music throughout the many years and now they are offering you a personal collection of their most requested instrumentals. From polkas to waltz’s, foxtrots, kolomayka’s and even a butterfly dance will defiantly enlighten you.