Ukrainian Hits 2<br>Various Artists

Ukrainian Hits 2 Various Artists

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24 Golden Ukrainian Hits Vol 2

Ukrainian Music

Baba's Records has once again carefully chosen selections that you will surely enjoy. Polka's; Waltz's; Kozak's; Kolomayka's; a Seven Step; a Chuban; a Bunny Ho; Wedding March's; a Butterfly; Fox Trot's and many favorite songs. "24 Golden Ukrainian Hits Vol II" is a classic collection of Ukrainian Music. Just like Volume I; this Volume II will bring you many hours of listening and dancing pleasure.
If you are of Ukrainian descent, you'll enjoy the authentic interpretation of familiar songs and tunes performed to perfection. Even if you are not Ukrainian, it's certain you'll enjoy these beautiful and haunting melodies.
01. Sobies Polka
02. Zabava
03. High in the Mountain
04. Edmonton Wedding March
05. Jim's Bunny Hop
06. Zaporozhetz
07. Horax Karpatax
08. Chuban
09. Kuz's Wedding March
10. Ukrainian Medley
11. House Party Kolomeyka
12. Kozak
13. Ukrainian Fantasy
14. Bandura Waltz
15. Harness the Horses
16. Seven Step
17. Twin's Polka
18. Oie Staraw
19. Kolomeyka
20. Lonely Girl
21. Bill's Polka
22. Courting Dance
23. Back Home Again
24. Old Port Butterfly